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한지문화산업센터의 개관을 기념하여 센터에 대한 정보와 함께 방문객들이 둘러볼 만한 주변의 관련 장소를 소개하는 지도와 리플렛을 디자인 했습니다. 한지 홍보라는 주제에 맞게 인쇄용 한지를 사용하여 한지의 아름다움과 유용성을 보여주고자 했습니다.


We have designed a map and brochure to commemorate the opening of the Hanji Culture Industry Center. The materials provide information about the center itself and also introduce nearby attractions related to Hanji that visitors can explore. In line with the theme of promoting Hanji, we utilized printable Hanji paper for the brochure to showcase the beauty and versatility of this traditional Korean paper. Our goal was to highlight the unique charm of Hanji and its practical applications in the context of promoting Hanji culture.

April 2020

Client: design press & KCDF
BI design: studio fnt

Photograph: Pointers